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Assistance to Nationals Unit (ANU)

The Assistance to Nationals Unit (ANU) of the Philippine Embassy attends to cases involving Filipinos in distress.  Its scope of assistance includes, among others:



  • Assistance to Filipinos facing court and imprisonment in criminal cases
  • Assistance in filing complaints/claims before appropriate venues and/or escorting OFWs to appropriate government agencies (e.g., accompanying OFWs who are victims of maltreatment and abuse to hospitals and police)
  • Assistance in immigration-related cases (e.g., endorsement of overstaying Filipino nationals to the Search and Follow up Department for their repatriation to the Philippines)
  • Assistance in illegal recruitment and human trafficking cases
  • Monitoring and following-up of court cases
  • Assistance in locating whereabouts of missing Filipino nationals and/or in appeal for financial support
  • Assistance in death-related cases and benefits
  • Issuance of Travel Documents to detained OFWs without passports and facilitating immediate repatriation back to the Philippines (also issuance of temporary travel documents to undocumented Filipino children)
  • Prison and Deportation Center Visitation
  • Referral to POLO for employment-related/welfare-related concerns
  • Referral to a Qatari lawyer for legal consultations


ANU is available from Sundays to Thursdays, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. For cases that need urgent attention after office hours including Fridays and Saturdays and declared holidays, Filipinos in distress may call the duty officer during the usual office hours at telephone no. (+974) 4483 1585 or send an email to  It also maintains a mobile hotline (+974) 6644 6303 dedicated to emergency calls.

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